WATCH: Hot Mic Catches Larry Kudlow Yelling “BULLSH*T” After Kamala Says They Had To “Start From Scratch”

On Monday, former Trump advisor Larry Kudlow called “bullsh*t” when reacting to a video of Kamala Harris saying the Biden administration “started from scratch” when it came to handling the Coronavirus.

Little did Kudlow know he could be heard by millions of viewers at home as Fox News was playing the clip of the newly-installed Vice President.

“In many ways we are starting from scratch on something that has been raging for almost an entire year,” Kamala says in the video.

Almost immediately you can hear Kudlow in the background shouting “bullsh*t” several times in a row.

Watch below:

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I counted 4 “bullsh*t’s” in a span of just a couple of seconds.

Fox News host Sandra Smith was narrating the segment and even she had to hold back laughter after Kudlow shouted the profanities.

As we reported earlier on TrendingPolitics, Kamala’s claims were thoroughly debunked by former HHS Chief of Staff Brian Harrison on Twitter:

Comment below with your latest reaction to Kamala’s lies….

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