[WATCH] It’s a Clown World Afterall: Biden Defeated by Sportcoat

Saul Alinsky’s rule number 5 in his communist playbook, Rules for Radicals reads “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”

Well, buckle up Brandon!

Mr. “81 million votes” Biden actually ridicules himself, on video, and the only thing for the rest of us to do is point and laugh at how Sleepy Joe was defeated by his own jacket.

It happened yesterday, as Joe got off the Marine One helicopter at the airport in Lexington, Kentucky. Joe gets off the helicopter wearing a mask, while a handler, his wife Dr. Jill, has her mask in her hand, and the Marines are not wearing masks at all. Because “Science!” Surely the fact-checkers will weigh in on how all of that is logical in their usual Squealer the pig fashion.

In the video, Brandon has exited Marine One and has one arm in his sportcoat and struggles to find the other sleeve which is fluttering behind his back. All the while, not seeming to notice that his young and vibrant looking (lol) aviator glasses are slowly creeping down his masked nose.

Sleepy Joe fumbles around with his sleeve for a good 17 seconds before doing a Tim Conway old man shuffle over to Jill to ask for some help. Jill, however, did not seem to even notice that Joe was struggling with his wardrobe until he vocalizes his need for help.

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Jill really seems bad at her job as a handler in this video. First, she doesn’t notice that Joe is struggling because she is just kind of staring off into the distance. Once she helps Joe with his jacket, it doesn’t appear that she tells him his aviator specs are about to fall off, and she just kind of meanders around in front of a shuffling Joe, seeming to ignore him.

Joe, of course, cannot prevent his glasses from falling off of his masked face and, after stopping to retrieve them, continues to shuffle along after a meandering Jill.

The video is all over social media, you only need to search for “Biden jacket”, but take a watch here, courtesy of Daily Wire’s Twitter feed.

How did other Twitter users do with the Saul Alinsky rule five? Let’s take a look. Ridicule is fun!

News That Matters had a hilarious take, writing “Breaking: President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden have said they are “shaken but thankfully safe” after they were attacked by a white supremacist ultraMAGA suit jacket on a tarmac in Kentucky today”

Clay Travis couches his ridicule in concern, stating that Biden’s mental state is “just sad. And it keeps getting sadder.”

Benny Johnson LOL’d before calling Biden “pathetic”.

Benny Johnson really knows his ridicule stuff, as he had another tweet in which he wrote “Grandpa Joe Biden loses a wrestling match with his jacket, needs Jill to DRESS HIM after GAFFE Filled visit to Kentucky.” This post contains some extra video of Joe later mumbling to about 10 supporters the regime managed to find and coerce into trying to listen to him.

The ridicule does not stop, and this is on just one platform.

While it is fun, not to mention somewhat satisfying, to laugh at Joe, we must not lose sight of how absolutely concerning this really is. If the supposed President of the United States of America is so mentally addled that he is incapable of completing simple tasks in life, like putting clothes on and walking and talking, then who is completing the tasks required of POTUS?

Are we to believe that Brandon ordered the hit on Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan? Or the raid on President Trump’s residence? Or any of that Green New Deal balderdash?

C’mon man!

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