WATCH: Jeff Daniels Says It's 'Obvious' That Trump Gets Money From Putin, Despite ZERO Evidence

For years, the left has claimed that Trump gets barrels of money from Vladimir Putin as part of some super evil scheme to take over the world.

However, what they fail to include is actual evidence...of any kind.


Robert Mueller's investigation found nothing, and now The NY Times "tax leak" has found nothing when it comes to "Russian influence" over Trump.

However, MSNBC host Nicole Wallace and actor Jeff Daniels seem to think they've got it all figured out.

On Monday evening, Daniels said “It’s so obvious — where did he get all the money? All roads, as Speaker Pelosi said, all roads lead to Putin."

Watch below:

The MSNBC host didn't ask him to back up his "obvious claims" with facts or evidence. She simply laughed and agreed...because she agrees.

When will the left start using facts to back up their claims instead of fake news?


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