WATCH: Jim Cramer Admits The Truth About Inflation; “It’s Much Worse Than We Thought”

Joe Biden’s failed policies have caused prices to skyrocket all across the nation, and now “experts” are starting to admit it. Although Fed Chair Jerome Powell and many other Biden loyalists say inflation is “transitory”, the statistics are proving that to be totally false.

Now, one of Biden’s biggest fans Jim Cramer is even admitting that inflation is “much worse than we thought”.

“Let’s talk about the questions that investors are wondering. If you’re worried about inflation, this is a huge issue,” the CNBC host asked Cramer.

“Yeah, I mean look, I think Paul Jones as always is right about inflation. It’s much worse than we thought. I keep hoping the capacity will come on and make it so that it’s not as bad, but it can’t seem to come on fast enough,” replied Cramer.

Watch below:

All of the key inflation indicators show that Joe Biden’s rising prices keep squeezing Americans’ wallets.

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According to new data from the Commerce Department, the Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index – a key measure of inflation – spiked by 4.3% in August from a year ago. The core rate – which excludes food and energy – rose 3.6% over the past 12 months.

That’s 6 straight months of rapid inflation, the highest 12 month increase since 1991, and the fastest increase in core inflation in 30 YEARS.

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