WATCH: Joe Biden Stops Dead in Middle of Speech and Delivers Creepiest Comment to Little Girl

Joe Biden was in Virginia today with “blackface” Democratic governor Ralph Northam to tout his budget-busting economic plan, which is filled with massive spending and huge tax increases.

In the midst of selling the budgetary atrocity, he delivered one of the creepiest comments to a little girl, who is the daughter of a veteran, no less.

“I’m honored to be joined today by Governor Northam, by two great representatives of the Commonwealth, Congressman Luria and Congressman Scott,” Biden said. “And I want to thank you for all that you do to represent these service veterans, because they are devoted to you. Their family members, caregivers, survivors, all call Virginia home.”

Biden then said he was ‘honored’ to share the stage with a veteran’s family, whom he named off before making a truly lecherous comment.

“I just love the barrettes in her hair now,” he said. “I tell you what, by the look of her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

Those who saw Biden’s remark on social media expressed their revulsion.

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“Crazy how he keeps getting away with this, so creepy,” one user remarked.

“Creepy, grooming behavior,” another added. “What a weirdo.”

“Gross,” another simply said.

Joe Biden has a history of making comments to young girls and women and even fondling them. Below one can see just a small sample of his indiscretions, which the “me too” crowd is silent about since he’s a Democrat.

“This is not normal.” Indeed.

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