WATCH: Joy Reid Says Texas Only Wants To Open So Minorities Can “Get Back To Work, Make Them Steaks”

MSNBC host Joy Reid is perhaps the biggest racist gaslighter on TV, and the fact that her network continues to allow her to be one says everything about the distinct lack of integrity (and courage) on the part of her employer.

She was at it again Wednesday, pulling her ‘one-trick pony’ act of calling whites, and especially conservative whites (few of whom she even knows, if any) racists when in fact, she ought to be looking in the mirror.

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“I’ll say it again: people on the right would trade all the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the n-word like in ‘the good old days.’ To them, not being able to be openly racist and discriminatory without consequence is oppression. Trump is the avatar for this ‘freedom,'” she wrote on Twitter.

For someone named Joy, she sure harbors a lot of hate and anger.

And that tweet came after she said this: Texas reopened its state completely, shedding all liberty-killing COVID restrictions just so “minorities” can go back to work and cook for white people.

What a dangerous moron this woman is. And keep in mind, she worked and earned her large salary every day of the coronavirus pandemic; she didn’t lose a dime. Lots of other Americans did, and that includes “black and brown” people.

As to her tweet, let’s be clear here: The people most often overheard using the “n” word — in conversation, in song, and in the movies — are other black people. That’s just true. After fighting to get that word rightfully omitted from our lexicon for a century, the only reason it remains in such widespread use today is that black people use it.

For another, ‘back in the good old days’ when whites were using the word in a disparaging manner, most of them were Democrats — the same party that Reid and most a majority people support these days. Interestingly, most of them even voted for a good, old-fashioned white racist named Joe Biden, who has made more racial gaffes and statements throughout his decades in Washington than any group of 1,000 other white people combined.

Reid loves to talk about ‘oppression’ too, doesn’t she? That’s hard to take from a reported multi-millionaire television personality, isn’t it?

Speaking of her content, why is it that Reid always has to ‘circle back’ to the issue of race? Is she simply incapable of mustering the brainpower to talk intelligently about something else — anything else? There are a lot of political issues to discuss and address in America in 2021, the most pressing of which have literally nothing to do with race or racism.

The only reason why the subject remains uppermost in some political circles is because of gaslighting by people like Joy Reid. Let’s not talk about COVID, about cancel culture, about foreign policy, trade, taxes, rising gasoline prices, the emerging border crisis, opening the economy, growing the economy, and getting schools back in session. No. Let’s talk about race and the fictional narrative that white-caused “systemic racism” exists in America today.

It’s pathetic what this woman is allowed to get away with saying.

In fact — and federal statistics bear this out — the ‘problem’ of white supremacy and white-against-black racism is so minuscule it barely registers. And yet, we get a near steady diet of this nonsense by a TV host far too many Americans take seriously.

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The vast majority of white conservatives don’t have white supremacist friends. They don’t know any white supremacists and if they did, they wouldn’t hang out with them or tolerate them. This is just true.

Maybe if Joy Reid got to know a few of us she’d realize she’s been peddling poisoning cultural crap for years.

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