Over the past many years, the left has openly encouraged violence against everyone from conservative voters to people like President Trump and Rand Paul. Yet somehow, they are offended by a joke that Rep. Lauren Boebert made about Rep. Ilhan Omar.

The “controversy” comes from a video she posted Saturday where she told a harmless joke about Rep. Omar.

“So the other night on the House floor was not my first jihad squad moment,” Boebert began. “I was getting into an elevator with one of my staffers and he and I were leaving the Capitol, we’re going back to my office and we get in the elevator and I see a Capitol Police officer running hurriedly to the elevator. I see fret all over his face. And he’s reaching. The door is shutting. I can’t open it. What’s happening? I look to my left and there she is, Ilhan Omar, and I said, ‘Well she doesn’t have a backpack, we should be fine,’ ” Boebert hilariously said.

Watch below:

“So we only had one floor to go and I say, do I say it or do I not? And I look over and I say, ‘Look, the jihad squad decided to show up for work today.’ Don’t worry, it’s just her staffers on Twitter that talk for her. She’s not tough in person,” she added.

The left is now calling for Boebert to be stripped of her committee assignments, but they fail to recognize the disgusting double standard.

The left can threaten conservatives with violence all day, but Boebert can’t tell a joke? Sad.


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