[WATCH] Former VP Dick Cheney Calls Trump a Coward in new Ad for Daughter Liz

Low-polling Liz Cheney is at it again!  Gaslighting America once more, in her never-ending Quixotial quest to turn the populace against President Donald J. Trump.

In Liz’s latest attempt, in what will surely spin more than one democrat into a cognitive dissonance coma, she had her father Dick–who liberals have detested for ages– call President Trump a “threat” to America and a “coward” in a recent political advertisement.

To “gaslight” someone is defined by the dictionary as “manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.”  The term “gaslighting” is derived from the 1944 classic film Gaslight in which Ingrid Bergman plays a woman whose husband slowly attempts to manipulate her into believing she is insane; convincing her that reality is not real.

Democrats and RINOs have believed themselves to be experts at gaslighting the American public for decades.  And, while the American people had trust in the media, who would provide cover for the gaslighters, the trick would work.  It wasn’t so much the democrats and RINOs were experts, as it was, they had back-up from the information industry– they could say anything.

What the corrupt politicians have failed to realize is that the American people now recognize the MSDNC media complex for what it is– the enemy of the people– but they have no other option than to keep trying.

In the campaign ad He Knows it, released yesterday and covered by Cowboystatedaily, Dick Cheney appears to be sitting in the woods looking very cowboyish with a hat and a vest.  Dick stares into the camera like the emperor Darth Sidious and says in a gravelly voice:

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“In our nation’s 246 year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump.”

If your initial reaction to that was a guffaw, even if it was laced with frustration, then you have a perfect example of why the globalists are so ineffective in the Trump era.  Simply put, most human beings know that the globalists are evil liars.

Dick continued to live up to his namesake by following with:

He tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him.  He lost his election and he lost big.  I know it, he knows, and deep down I think every republican knows it.”

Lynn and I are so proud of Liz for standing up for the truth, doing what’s right and honoring her oath to the Constitution….  There is nothing more important that she will do than lead the effort to make sure Donald Trump is never again near the Oval Office, and she will succeed.  I’m Dick…”

The reactions to the video on twitter were mostly gushing and high-fiveish in nature, though there were many who could not overcome their long-standing hatred for the former Vice President.

The reaction from the rest of sane America–awakened America, however, is more likely to go something like this:


“WHAT?  Projection!”

“WTF, is this guy insane?”

**Hearty guffaw**

“Screw you, Dick.”

Try it and see.




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