On Friday night, Mark Levin exploded on Democrats who are blatantly trying to steal the 2020 election during an appearance on Hannity.

“Let me just say this before before I lose my time. There is more evidence of voter fraud than there ever was of Russia collusion. So for those of you who say “let’s see the evidence”…Where the hell were you the last four years? You were nowhere, the Democrats want earlier and earlier voting and later and later counting. Why do they want that? more time more time fix the system, to fix it in their favor,” he said.

“They believed in flooding the system create chaos, grab power and then accuse your opponent of misbehavior. Now we’re supposed to have unity? Let me tell you something...I’m part of the new resistance! God forbid if the president doesn’t win,” he added.

They didn’t give this man one minute of peace when he was President. State investigations. Federal investigations. Congressional investigations. Phony impeachment. Coup attempts. Obama/Biden with FBI spies. At NO TIME in the last 4 years did Joe Biden say ‘lets unite around the President'”

Watch below:

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“Mr Biden GOD FORBID if you’re President. But I personally intend to treat you the same way Pelosi, Schumer, Fredo Cuomo and the rest of them treated this President. So I am not uniting around this man any more than they united around our man. But its not over until its over let’s see what the supreme court does”

Thank God Mr. Levin is fighting the good fight with us!

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