WATCH: Obama Makes Bigoted Remarks About Hispanic Trump Supporters

It’s no secret that Democrats think very little of minorities who vote for Trump.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that Barack Hussein Obama would make bigoted remarks about hispanic Trump supporters, like he did this morning. 

During an appearance on “The Breakfast Club’, Obama was dismayed as he spoke about the increased hispanic voter turnout for President Trump. The former failed President then concluded that they only voted for Trump because of his evangelical stances. Apparently he doesn’t know the hispanic community very well.

“People were surprised about a lot of Hispanic folks who voted for Trump,” Obama began.

“But there’s a lot of evangelical Hispanics who, you know, the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or puts detainees, you know, undocumented workers, in cages — they think that’s less important than the fact that, you know, he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion, right?,” he concluded.

Watch below:

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