WATCH: Obamagate Trailer Officially Drops, Will Expose the Russian Collusion Hoax Under James Comey

The "Obamagate" trailer has officially dropped and is set to expose the "Russian collusion hoax" against President Donald Trump. The full move will be released later this month.

"Filmmaker and journalist Phelim McAleer, who is a contributor to The Daily Wire, is the head producer of “Obamagate,” named after former President Barack Obama, who is a central figure to the Russian collusion investigation’s origin—though he is not featured in the film," the Daily Wire reports.


WATCH the trailer here:

The film will be focusing on James Comey and the job he did as FBI director along with other prominent players in Mueller's investigation including Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page. The movie is coming out at the same time as Showtime's "The Comey Rule" which actually shows Comey in a positive light.

“Showtime has created ‘The Comey Rule’ which is based on a political fairytale and a conspiracy theory that is told by the left in a shameless attempt to take down President Trump. It’s simply untrue, and despite this, the media is gushing over ‘The Comey Rule.’ Americans deserve the truth,” said Filmmaker and journalist Phelim McAleer.

“Showtime is spending tens of million[s] of dollars to tell this lie and that’s why we’re creating ‘Obamagate The Movie,’ to set the record straight,” he added. “Whereas Showtime and ‘The Comey Rule’ rely on dramatic fiction written by left-wing Hollywood writers, ‘Obamagate The Movie’ is non-fiction and it is solely composed of the texts, emails, messages, and transcripts that clearly show the Deep State plot to take down President Trump. We are giving viewers the word-for-word facts so they can decide for themselves.”

The Daily Wire reports:

Actors Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson will star in the film as Strzok and Page, respectively. John James will play the role of Comey.

The movie will be filmed “Hamilton-style” as a Broadway play. The dialogue is fairly unique in that all lines have been lifted from court documents, text messages, official notes, and other public records released on the investigation.

“The film’s script is unusual in that it is completely verbatim and consists of the text messages, declassified files, congressional and court transcripts, tweets, and statements of top government and FBI officials. And it also features the embarrassing and conspiratorial text messages of ‘FBI Lovebirds’ Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. ‘Obamagate’ also features appearances by James Comey and the Obama CIA Chief James Brennan and their cringeworthy tweets read aloud,” a release for the movie says.

“If you wanted to tell a story with just one perspective, you can do anything you want and you can change people’s perceptions of what took place,” Cain said in a statement. “When you do something verbatim, the words are there and it’s pretty darn clear. The verbatim texts themselves are damning.”

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