WATCH: Professors Admit They Weave ‘Social Justice’ Into Their Curriculum

One by one, the American Marxist left has, over the course of a half-century, taken over all American institutions and have turned them into little mind-altering propaganda mills aimed at overthrowing the old order for good.

That includes, of course, our institutions of higher learning.

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Once boasting some of the finest teaching centers on the planet, today’s American universities are replete with activists instead of professors who are more interested in churning out ideological drones than teaching critical thinking skills along with a broad-based education aimed at sustaining our republic as founded.

And in fact, the takeover by the left is now so pervasive, the propagandist/professorial types openly, brazenly admit what their real objectives are.

The Daily Caller notes:

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Two university professors from Roosevelt University in Illinois were caught openly talking on a Zoom call about how they teach social justice concepts based on Marxism to their students.

Gina Harris, an adjunct education professor who teaches “middle school theory and practice,” and Ralph Martire, a professor who teaches public policy and public administration, who also serves on the school board of Oak Park and River Forest High School (OPRF) were caught promoting Marxist economic concepts over a live Zoom call, West Cook News reported.

“I mean, it’s all social justice. All-day, every day, I get to talk about the things I love. I’m really living the life over here,” Harris said when she was asked by Martire how she liked the environment at Roosevelt.

“Yeah. I always flip out the kids that take my master’s class on fiscal policy and public budgets when the first three or four classes are devoted to philosophy of social justice and how you organize society,” Martire said. “We don’t talk about one, you know, budgetary item. They’re like, ‘Oh, man. Professor Martire, this is a really weird way to teach a budget.’”

“It’s part of everything, right? What a foundation,” Harris said.

“Just so you guys know, you’re on the, you’re on the mic in the auditorium,” says an unknown speaker suddenly.

“And we’re okay with that, Harris said nonchalantly.


So, when even the students are telling their professor that his method of teaching fiscal policy and public budgets is whacked, the prof doesn’t care: His objective remains the same, to propagandize, to project Marxist leftism first, foremost, and always, and to make every other subject a secondary afterthought.

And these students are paying record tuition on college campuses these days, simply to be indoctrinated like cartoon minions in a political philosophy that has led to the destruction of productive societies and the deaths of tens of millions of people.

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Oh sure, we know how it goes: No one before the American left has ‘done Marxism and socialism the right way.’ That’s a load of bunk; there is only one way these political philosophies exist, and that is in a totalitarian structure because they are designed to empower the state over the rights and even the needs of the people. That’s why they never succeed long-term; just look at Communist Cuba. It’s been a second-class country since Fidel Castro blasted his way into power.

These are what American universities have turned into, though: Marxist indoctrination mills filled with Castro-like ideologues who are actively working to train a generation of young Americans to destroy their own country and feel justified in doing it the entire time.

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