WATCH: Psaki Gets Snippy After Peter Doocy Grills Her Over Biden Violating Mask Mandate; “Don’t Focus On It”

On Monday, far-left Press Secretary Jen Psaki brushed off Joe Biden’s mask hypocrisy after he was spotted in a DC restaurant without a mask.

Currently, DC mandates all restaurant guests to wear their masks until they are seated at their table. However, in the spirit of “rules for thee, not for me”, the Biden’s felt like they could skirt the rules.

When Fox News Peter Doocy pressed Psaki about the hypocrisy, she got very defensive (as always).

“There is a mask requirement inside D.C. restaurants yet President Biden and the first lady were not wearing masks while walking around a D.C. restaurant on Saturday, why?” Doocy asked.

“I think what you’re referring to is a photo of them walking out of a restaurant after they had eaten, masks in hand, where they had not yet put them back on yet,” Psaki replied.

“Of course, there are moments when all don’t put masks back on as quickly as we should but I don’t think we should lose the forest through the trees here, in that our objective here is to get more people vaccinated, make sure that schools and companies around the country can put in place requirements to save more lives and keep people safer and not overly focus on moments in time that don’t reflect overarching policy,” Psaki continued.

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Watch the exchange below:

After she dodged the question, Doocy pressed further. As you can imagine, she didn’t like that at all.

“I think I just addressed it, Peter,” Psaki said with rage.

In case you missed the Biden’s violating DC’s mask mandate, here it is again:

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