WATCH: Reporter Gets Ushered Away For Daring To Ask Jill Biden About Hunter Investigation

On Thursday, Joe Biden’s team bullied Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins after he dared to ask Jill Biden about her reaction to Hunter Biden being under federal investigation.

The video shows Jill asking for help as Jenkins asks a simple question about her delinquent son.

As soon as Jenkins opened his mouth, Jill Biden said “Will you talk to him?,” as she pointed to her security guard.

At that moment, Biden staffers began immediately ushering Jenkins away as he was trying to ask a very simple question about Hunter Biden.

Dr. Biden…your reaction to the news of the investigation of your son Hunter?“, Jenkins said as he was being bullied by her team of handlers.

“Thanks…let’s go”, her staffers said.

Watch below: 

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If you’re a reporter and you want a Biden event to end early, the trick appears to be this:

Ask a tough question.

The moment that question leaves your lips, you’ll be swiftly taken away by the Biden handlers.

Interestingly enough, if a liberal reporter was taken away after asking TRUMP a tough question, the media would be shrieking at the top of their lungs and shouting “WHAT ABOUT FREEDOM OF THE PRESS?!”

Funny how the double standard works, isn’t it?

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