WATCH: San Antonio NBA Coach Throws Hissy Fit After City Recognizes Columbus Day; “HE INITIATED NEW WORLD GENOCIDE”

Not only do leftists hate America…but they also hate the ones who discovered this great nation. San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Popovich is no exception.

Before Friday’s Spurs-Heat preseason game, Popovich was triggered after the school districts of San Antonio decided to celebrate the newly-proclaimed “Indigenous Peoples Day” along with the long-observed Columbus Day.

While discussing “Indigenous Peoples Day”, Popovich said, “I think the proclamation was obvious, important, needed, but um…I’m a little confused about our city, and why it’s “Indigenous Peoples Day / Columbus Day…” implying that ‘Columbus Day’ should be dropped.

“Columbus?” he said with anger. “I mean he initiated a new world genocide; that’s what he did.”

“Beginning with him and what he set in motion, what followed, [was] the annihilation of every indigenous person in Hispaniola, which was Haiti and the Dominican Republic today, that’s what he did,” he added.

“He took slaves, he mutilated, he murdered, and we’re going to say ‘slash’ and honor him?” he added, continuing his meltdown on camera.

Watch below:

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He then praised the city’s independent school district for having added the “Indigenous Peoples” designation to the day, but then he took a shot at Alamo Heights.

“Well, I’ve got to give the San Antonio Independent School District a little bit of credit because at least they added Indigenous Peoples’ Day along with Columbus Day and that’s a step in the right direction,” he said.

“But what the hell is Alamo Heights thinking?” he exclaimed. “It’s Columbus Day, that’s why they’re off on Monday?!

“COLUMBUS DAY?! And we’re going to honor that?” he said, raising his voice.

He continued by saying it’s “no knock on Italian Americans,” but then he ripped them for celebrating it anyways, comparing them to Hitler supporters.

“It’s like saying we should be proud of Hitler because we’re German,” he said with fury and rage.

“In our city, are we that backward that we have school districts that do that? I’m amazed, amazed,” he concluded in disappointment.

What is your reaction to Popovich’s meltdown? Comment below to wish him a Happy Columbus Day!

Oh, and make sure he doesn’t see this Instagram post from the “Hardcore Italians” page….I’m sure it would make him very angry!