WATCH: Screaming Match Unfolds After Juan Williams Accuses Co-Hosts Of Supporting Jan. 6th Riot

On Wednesday, Juan Williams lied on national TV by saying that his co-hosts on ‘The Five’ supported the violence that occurred at the Capitol on January 6th.

After his blatant lie, Williams’ co-hosts fired back and a shouting match erupted.

“Let me tell you! Facing the truth is the way that we solve this! This is the way we bring the country together,” Williams began shouting.

“Ignoring the problems is never the way to solve them!,” he added.

“You shouldn’t be impugning our intentions, Juan! That’s the problem!,” Gutfeld shouted back.

“I don’t need to impugn it! I CAN LISTEN! I can hear you guys!,” Williams fired back.

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“And then it goes into your brain and it comes out wrong! That’s on YOU, not on us. It’s not OUR fault that you’re getting it wrong! YOU need to deal with YOUR problem,” Gutfeld retorted.

Watch the full exchange here:

“Maybe you should listen to what you say, maybe you’d be outraged!,” Williams said, continuing to push his lie.

Jesse Watters then cut in to send the show to commercial break, but not before scolding Williams for his low blow on his fellow co-hosts.

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“Alright Juan, we gotta go but what you just did right there Juan, that wasn’t cool. You’re a colleague of ours. We’ve been talking about this for over a month. And none of us have ever stood with the mob. We’ve condemned it outright,” Watters said before everyone started talking over each other again.

Gutfeld then swooped in with a final dig at the far-left Williams:

“WE’VE DENOUNCED ALL VIOLENCE, UNLIKE YOU!,” Gutfeld said in conclusion.

Comment below with your reaction to Juan Williams’ slander job of his colleagues…

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