WATCH: Terry McAuliffe Made The Entire World Cringe With This Awkward Dance

Commentary by Clayton Keirns

On Tuesday night, Joe Biden stumped for Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia Governor race. The event was a disaster as Biden mumbled and bumbled his way through an incoherent speech in which he spouted off countless lies about McAuliffe’s opponent, Glenn Younkin.

However, Biden’s speech actually wasn’t the most cringeworthy part of the event (for once). It was the cringeworthy dance that McAuliffe performed after the event was over. Watch below, if you dare:

I’m sorry but Terry McAuliffe deserves to lose the election based on that dance alone. What was he doing with his hands? What was he doing with his legs? Someone please explain.

As we alluded to above, this dance wasn’t the only cringe moment that happened during the evening. Biden once again struggled with the english language during his mumbling speech. Watch below as he barely makes it through a very simple sentence:

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Biden also got heckled during his speech:

“Most popular President ever?”. I think not.

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