WATCH: Tom Brady Trolls Joe Biden Over 2020 Election On Live TV; “40% Don’t Think We Won”

On Tuesday, the Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers visited the White House to celebrate their victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in February of this year.

In Tom Brady’s speech, he appeared to “accidentally” troll Joe Biden’s election “victory”, saying “40% of people still don’t think we won”.

“I understand that,” Biden said in response.

Watch below:

Even though Tom Brady voted for President Trump in 2020, he still supported his team and visited the Biden White House. Hundreds of liberal athletes refused to meet with President Trump during the 4 years he was in office because they were too “triggered”. Thankfully, conservatives like Brady didn’t follow in their footsteps.

On the election front, the American people actually have more reason than ever to believe that Biden didn’t win the election.

Every single day, more and more evidence is piling up that Joe Biden and the sneaky Democrats DID in fact steal the 2020 election. We knew this was the case from day 1, but now the shocking new evidence is being exposed for the world to see.

Here are two recent examples:

After Fulton County ‘Bombshell,’ Georgia Election Auditors Find Discrepancies in Other Counties May Be ‘Worse’

Motion to Proceed Immediately with Ballot Inspection in Fulton County Submitted to Superior Court

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