Trump Reveals Toughest Part Of His Job During Emotional Speech

President Donald Trump delivered an emotional speech this week and spoke about some of the hardest aspects of being the commander-in-chief.

While speaking from inside the White House on Wednesday, the president revealed that the hardest part of his job is having to write letters to the parents of soldiers that have been killed in combat.


Trump added in his comments that having to witness the pain and suffering from the parents as they see their child returned to the United States in a coffin draped in a U.S. flag is also one of the hardest parts of his job.

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“The hardest thing I have to do, by far, much harder than the witch hunt, is signing letters to parents of soldiers that have been killed,” Trump said. “And it’s not only that — in areas where there’s not a lot of upside, if there’s any upside at all, and in many cases, it’s only downside.”

“The hardest thing I have to do is signing those letters. That’s the hardest thing I have to do. And each letter is different,” Trump continued.

He added: “We make each letter different. And last week, I signed five of them for Afghanistan; one in Iraq; one in Syria, from two weeks ago. And sometimes I call the parents. Sometimes I see the parents. I go to Dover, when I can, but it’s — it’s so devastating for the parents that — you know. It’s so devastating when they bring that boy or young woman out of the back of those big, powerful planes in a coffin, and the parents are there.”


Trump closed out his comments with another emotionally powerful statement about just how difficult it is for him to see families grieving when they lose a loved one.

"But I’ll tell you what: For me, it’s very hard when I see that. It’s very hard. It’s easy to talk tough. You know, tough guys. All of these tough guys. 'Let’s keep fighting. Let’s keep fighting,'" Trump said.

The president was taking issue with certain political figures who support sending American soldiers to war without considering that they are putting our troops in harms way.

Trump's point was that it's easy to send someone else into war when you don't have to go yourself.

His entire speech was powerful and certainly worth watching.