WATCH: Tucker Blisters Obama In Brutal Monologue; “Racial Arsonist Who Sows Hate”

It didn’t take long for Democrats to exploit the tragic murder of ten people in a Colorado grocery store on Monday, and they were led by Barack Obama.

The former president issued a statement that blamed the shootings on racism, and like other liberal politicians and social media influencers, sought to shape the narrative before the facts were even established.

In his statement, Obama also called for the disarmament of millions of law-abiding Americans who didn’t walk into a supermarket and open fire; “It will take time to root out the disaffection, racism and misogyny that fuels so many of these senseless acts of violence. But we can make it harder for those with hate in their hearts to buy weapons of war.

As it turned out, the accused shooter was not a white male as so many who rushed to judgment had claimed, but rather a 21-year-old named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, whose since-deleted Facebook page said that he was “born in Syria” and who was reportedly on the radar of the FBI. In addition, it is now known that all of the victims were white.

One media figure who isn’t going to let Obama get away with his dastardly race-baiting is Fox’s Tucker Carlson who during Tuesday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Live” unloaded on the ex-POTUS.

More than any other contemporary American leader, Barack Obama is a racial arsonist. He emerges at our most vulnerable moments to deepen the wounds that divide us. He sows hate,” said Carlson.

He continued; “Why does Barack Obama do this? It would take a psychiatrist to answer that question fully though it seems obvious that a deep loathing of some kind plays a role.”

Today, Obama took a break from becoming one of the richest men in the world to issue a statement blaming racism and misogyny for today’s killings. So a guy who appears to be white, shoots a group of white people and Barack Obama calls it racism,” he added.

Tucker concluded; “How exactly does that work? Can you speak slowly and tell us? Well the former president didn’t, he didn’t indicate but he didn’t need to. Barack Obama had managed to divide Americans a little more than they were yesterday and so from his perspective, mission accomplished.”

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For a former U.S. president who is still held in high esteem globally (and showered with adulation by the media) to continue to sow racial discord in a nation that is divided against itself is unthinkable. Yet he seems to have no qualms about it.

Obama also sought to tie the COVID pandemic and the Boulder shootings together, a perfect accelerant by the seasoned “racial arsonist”. Conveniently he has the ‘best thing that has ever happened to the Democrats’ in his arsenal for added emotional impact.

As one of Obama’s inspirations, the radical leftist Saul Alinsky preached, “rub raw the sores of discontent,” and that is exactly what the nation’s 44th president specializes in.

The sad, ugly truth of the matter is that until Obama’s election the U.S. had made decades of progress in improving race relations, and was still the envy of the free world when it came to a fair and diverse society.

Eight years later, virtually all of that progress had been reversed. Thanks to the Democrats (and their media and corporate partners) Americans have been pitted against each other based on the twin hoaxes of “white privilege” and “systemic racism”; paving the way for the party’s seizure of total political power.

Tucker is absolutely correct about Obama whose true legacy is one of sowing hate, and he isn’t about to stop now.