WATCH: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Defends Holocaust Deniers, Dismisses It As “Misleading Information”

On Wednesday during a hearing with Senate leaders, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared to defend Holocaust deniers after being questioned by Senator Cory Gardner.

“So, somebody denies the Holocaust has happened is not misinformation?” asked Gardner.

“It’s misleading information, but we don’t have a policy against that type of misleading information,” Dorsey replied.


Dorsey also got grilled Republican Senator Ted Cruz who went nuclear on Dorsey after he claimed claimed that Twitter does not have the power to influence an election.

“Mr. Dorsey, does Twitter have the ability to influence elections?” Cruz asked.

“No,” Dorsey replied.

Cruz had a stunned look on his face. “You don’t believe Twitter has any ability to influence elections?” Cruz asked again.

“No we are one part of spectrum of communication channels that people have,” Dorsey said.

“So you are testifying to this committee right now that Twitter when it silences people, censors people, when it blocks political speech, that has no impact on elections?” Cruz fired back.

“People have choice of other communication channels with…” Dorsey said before being cut off by Cruz.

“Not if they don’t hear information. If you don’t think you have the power to influence elections, why do you block anything?” Cruz shot back.


Cruz then unloaded on Cruz for shutting down the New York Post.

“Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear,” Dorsey said.


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