[WATCH] Two Illegal Immigrants from Venezuela Detail Their Coyote-Led Trek into the United States

Coyote, but we didn’t have money and they helped us.

That was the reply of one illegal immigrant, soon after crossing (again, illegally) into the United States with the help of a Coyote. A Coyote, for those not up on the Human Smuggling lingo, refers to the point men of the Cartels that charge up to $12,000 (maybe more) per person for safe passage from the southern Mexican border to the southern United States border–if it can even be termed a “border” in these Brandon Days of the 21st Century.

Project Veritas caught up with two men that trekked from Venezuela and into (it appears) the United States, who shared their story.

The video starts out with one man stating that they came from Venezuela, through the “Darien” jungle of Columbia, over the mountains and into Panama, and then to the southern Mexico border. They walked the entire way, except for a bus somewhere along the way.

The interviewer then asks if when they got to Mexico did they have to pay anyone to get through?

One man, with a plethora of visible tattoos, replied ““Coyote, but we didn’t have money and they helped us.”

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When asked how much they paid the Coyote, the second man answered “2 thousand dollars. 3 thousand dollars. They charge up to 12 thousand dollars.”

And they got you through?” The interviewer asked.

Of course,” the man replied. “But they give you a hotel. They give you food.”

Pause for critical thinking exercise.

The men stated they had no money and that the Coyotes “helped them out.” Coyotes, that work for the cartels, that have been known to leave tractor trailers full of immigrants locked up on side roads in the middle of nowhere… gave these two guys a break?

A discount of $6,000 seems pretty huge, especially for organizations (cartels) that prey on their fellow humans in order to make a huge amount of money. Makes one wonder it the two men had to do anything in particular for that valuable help.

The men then informed the interviewer that they had been in that location (inside the US) for four days and that they were headed to Miami, with many others, but many were also going to New York.

The tattooed man jumps back into the conversation and explains that “there are various different destinations for everyone,” accompanied by a sweeping gesture towards a building, indicating they were in some sort of shelter or maybe a staging area.

The interviewer asked how many people there were with them.

It depends, right now there are a couple of hundred. They come and go, come and go, come and go.”

The video does not indicate where exactly the interview takes place, nor how the men will get to Miami, but they do seem to think it will take just four hours to get to Miami so it appears their walking days may have come to an end.

Heads up Florida and DeSantis! Can you get a bus all gassed up and send these hundreds of illegals to Washington DC? Or better yet, could you just send that bus to Biden’s basement in Delaware?

Watch the full video here.




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