WATCH: UC Berkeley Students Agree To Help Fund 9-11 Style Terrorist Attacks Against America

It’s no secret that millions of college students all over the country are taught to hate America. Under Joe Biden, these professors are even more emboldened.

To test this Anti-American sentiment, film-maker Ami Horowitz went to UC Berkeley and asked students if they would like to donate to the Taliban. Their responses were shocking.

“If there is anyone left who doesn’t think that our universities are simply indoctrination centers, look no further than my latest video,” says Horowitz.

“I went to the University of California Berkeley with a hidden camera to see if Leftists students will take their hatred of America to its logical conclusion. I asked them to donate money to the Taliban to kill Americans. That is no typo. And they readily agreed!,” he added.

“I raised hundreds of dollars from UC Berkeley students to attack America and even create a new 9/11. One of the students I spoke to offered to work for me,” he continued.

Watch below:

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“This just shows how somewhat easy it was for someone like Adolf Hitler to come to power and commit the acts that he did. Absolutely sickening,” says one YouTube commenter

“And to think that there are people out there that want to lower the voting age,” said another commenter.

“This is disgusting. I fear for the future,” another YouTube user chimed in.

What is your response to this scary liberal mindset that is being taught to college students? Comment below…