What Michigan’s First Gay Attorney General Wants In Every School Should Alarm Parents

The first openly gay attorney general for the state of Michigan is now finding herself in a whole lot of hot water after stating that there should be “a drag queen for every school.”

What is wrong with these people? Why is the radical left so obsessed with forcing sexual identity and perversion on young children? There is absolutely no reason that kids need to be exposed to this kind of stuff.

Please, Lord, come quickly. I’m ready to get off this ride.

According to a report from TheBlaze, Attorney General Dana Nessel made controversial comments during a civil rights summit in Lansing, Michigan on Wednesday.

“Drag queens make everything better. Drag queens are fun,” the attorney general is quoted as saying in a report written by Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger.

“A drag queen for every school,” she then added. Mauger stated in a tweet that Nessel said her comment had not been poll-tested.

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Matt DePerno, the GOP candidate for attorney general, wasted no time in pummeling Nessel for her very strange set of comments.

DePerno slammed Nessel for throwing support behind school lockdown measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Students in the third grade are behind on their reading, our test scores are some of the worst in the country thanks to these disastrous COVID lockdowns and she calls for drag shows for kindergartners,” he said.

Republican candidate for Michigan governor, Tudor Dixon, also took a swing at Nessel for the comments.

“When I am governor, schools will answer to local parents, not progressive activists, drag queens, and trans-supremacists,” Tudor tweeted. “The days of radical activist politicians sexualizing our kids are over.”

Here are more details from TheBlaze:

Drag shows at public schools have become a contentious issue in the national debate about sex and gender roles. Parents have expressed outrage at several incidents where drag shows were performed for children at high schools without permission from parents. In one instance from Pennsylvania, a drag show was performed in a meeting of the “Genders Sexualities Alliance” club after school hours.

Nessal made headlines in March 2021 when she admitted that she was politically motivated when she pressed charges against a restaurant owner for flouting the pandemic lockdown rules.

This is seriously troubling, folks.

We have liberals all over the place, particularly individuals within the LGBTQ community, who want to force schools to teach young kids about sexuality and gender identity, something that children should not be worrying about until many years down the line.

Thankfully, there are people like Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis who have a backbone and are willing to stand up and protect the most vulnerable citizens in our communities — next to the unborn — by ensuring that they aren’t indoctrinated with this stuff without their parents having a say in it.

It’s really hard to imagine what the end goal of this agenda might be, but it isn’t anything good, that much is a guarantee.

It likely is part of the left’s plan to destroy the family unit and encourage children to put faith and trust in the government to take care of them.

Now that’s the stuff nightmares are made of.


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