WATCH: World Leaders Erupt In Laughter After Biden Completely Embarrasses Himself

At the G7 summit, the American President is *supposed* to show strength, courage, and competence.

Sadly, our “President” Joe Biden is lost, confused, and completely gone mentally.

During one of the sitdown meetings with world leaders, Biden completely embarrassed himself in front of world leaders, forcing Boris Johnson to correct him on the spot.

In response, the world leaders laughed hysterically at Biden’s expense.

“And welcome to those who just joined us… President Ramaphosa (South Africa), President Moon (South Korea),” Johnson said

“And the President of South Africa,” Biden replied.

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“And the President of South Africa as, as, as I said,” Johnson responded.

“Oh, you did?” Biden followed up, completely confused.

“I certainly did”, Johnson confirmed.

Watch the cringe moment below:

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