Watters Sounds Off On Polling, Delivers Major 2020 Warning to Trump Voters

The Democrats will stop at nothing to defeat President Donald Trump in November.

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That's the warning from Fox News host Jesse Waters, who argued during a segment Saturday night on his program that polling showing that Joe Biden is going to easily defeat Trump is inaccurate.

Biz Pac Review reported that Democrats are aiming for a psychological effect, where they are trying to convince the president’s voters that he has no chance of winning so that many of those voters will stay home and not vote.

“You can see a momentum shift in the presidential race. It showed up in the polls, too, in key battleground states…They show consistent shifts across the board toward the president…Forget about the national polls. It’s all about the battlegrounds anyway,” Waters said.

“Most pollsters are under-sampling Republicans as high as 10 points. They do that just to depress turnout. Don’t fall for it. Just for a little perspective, Hillary was beating Trump in every single battleground state going into the 2016 election,” he said.

“What happened? Hillary lost every single battleground state. In addition, national polls showed Hillary crushing Trump. National polls showed John Kerry crushing Bush. National polls showed Dukakis crushing Bush’s dad, 41," Waters added.

“And only two insurgent candidates knocked off an incumbent in the last 40 years: Rock star Ronald Reagan and the politically gifted Bill Clinton with a little help from Ross Perot. Biden doesn’t have anywhere near that talent. And that’s why he’s hiding. The president has been a lot more focused on the last two weeks…his tone is more serious, realistic, and steady…” he said.

BizPac Review added:

Contrasting a list of high-energy Trump’s accomplishments with basement-dwelling Biden who has increasingly adopted far-left, radical positions by default, Watters asserted that this is a base election that’s all about turnout on November 3.

“Don’t buy the hype about him campaigning from his basement…No one cares what he has to say…Joe doesn’t really have a base.”

A recent Fox News poll of about 1,000 registered voters indicates that Biden leads Trump by a margin of 49 to 41 percent. Registered voters have traditionally been considered an inappropriate benchmark, however.

Real Clear Politics aggregate of seven polls shows Biden similarly leading Trump by a similar margin.

On Friday, however, Rasmussen’s tracking poll showed Trump’s job approval rating surging to 50 percent with U.S. voters, which is quite impressive in this polarized environment.

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The polls lied in 2016, they oversampled Democrats, and they are doing it again. 

It did not work then, and Waters is warning Trump supporters not to allow it to work now.