Wealthy Elitist Mitt Romney Opposes $2,000 Relief Checks, Scoffs At ‘Free Money’

When it comes to the screwing over of ordinary Americans, there is little difference between the Democrats and establishment Republicans who are blocking $2,000 checks from being issued. 

The political elite is steaming that President Trump would dare to refuse to sign their grotesque pork-stuffed giveaway to foreign countries and special interests disguised as a COVID “relief” package and the meager $600 that it contains for a suffering citizenry and one of them is a familiar face. 

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Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has come out against the $2,000 payments that are being championed by Trump which he scoffed as “free money” while not expressing similar reservations about the billions of graft and giveaways marked for special delivery overseas. 

Romney’s disdain for a working class that has been battered by Democrat lockdowns as well as Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hostage-taking is typical of the aristocratic GOP that was kicked out of power in favor of Trump’s America First agenda but is eager to slither back once Joe Biden has been installed into the White House. 

In remarks reported by Salt Lake City CBS affiliate KUTV, the multi-millionaire former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts again shows his indifference to the pesky peasants who he seemed to suggest should just eat their crumbs and shut the hell up. 

Via KUTV, “Sen. Mitt Romney against higher stimulus checks for many people”:

The president called individual checks of $600 for many people in Utah and across the country, a provision in the newly passed COVID-19 relief/federal budget bill, “ridiculously low,” and said they should be $2,000 per person.

Romney helped craft the bill, but said he was not in favor this time of even the $600 checks for individuals making $75,000 or less, $1,200 for couples with incomes up to $150,000 — and he seemed no fan of the higher amount.

“If we went to $2,000 per person, the additional borrowing would be up to almost $500 billion,“ Romney said during a virtual meeting sponsored by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. “Someone’s got to pay for that. We can’t just have free money.“

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Of course, Pierre Delecto’s opposition to the $2,000 payments can at least partially attributed to his pathological hatred of President Trump but Mitt has never been one to be bothered with the general public. 

Romney headed up the predatory financial firm Bain Capital and at the time of his doomed presidential run had a net worth of at least $250 million. 

Democrats understood that Mitt’s elitism was a major chunk in his political armor and it was ruthlessly exposed by much of the same media that he has been temporarily embraced by for his animosity toward Trump. 

Who could forget the infamous Mother Jones video that caught Romney trashing half the country which was weaponized by Obama and his media attack dogs?

Not that the inept Romney needed any help choking like a dog against Obama but the damning video was used to define him as a callous rich country club Republican cut from the same cloth as the Bush family who effectively ran the GOP until Trump rode down the escalator in 2015.

Mitt’s disdain for millions of people who have been economically battered by COVID while refusing to denounce the truckloads of special interest pork in the “relief” bill is proof that like the proverbial broken clock, even Obama was right about his being out of touch with Americans. 

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