“We’re in a Revolutionary Period Right Now”: Historian Gives Major Warning about State of Law and Order, the Woke Movement

According to celebrated historian and Stanford professor Victor Davis Hanson, the woke movement and its various subgroups aren’t just a passing fad that will move on as tempers cool off or the culture war quiets down.

Rather, in Professor Hanson’s view, America is now “in a revolutionary” period not unlike that in late 18th Century France or even Russia after the end of World War I, during which the Soviets took control and then started doing their best to spread their ideology abroad. In both places, the “law” meant little compared to the demands of the revolutionaries and the wishes of their leaders.

Speaking on that with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, perhaps the one mainstream media host who has vigorously and unrepentantly resisted the woke revolutionaries, Hanson said:

I hesitate to say this, Tucker, but I don’t think we’re a society that’s ruled by law. We’re in a revolutionary period right now, something like 18th century France or 1920s Russia, where the law is fluid and it’s whatever the power to be says it is.

And that wasn’t all. Hanson then went on to give specific examples of what figures have been targeted by the woke revolutionaries running America’s “law enforcement”, pointing out that right-leaning figures are routinely targeted by the government in what appears to be an unfair manner, saying:

So, if you’re — just to take some examples, if you’re James O’Keefe or you’re Peter Navarro or you’re Roger Stone, you’re going to have an FBI come down on you like you don’t know what.

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But if you refuse a subpoena like Eric Holder did, or if you lie to a federal investigator like Andrew McCabe did, or you lie under oath to the U.S. Congress like both James Brennan and John Clapper, there’s no consequences, very little.

And so, the law is designed on the premise that the noble ends justifies any means necessary, and the left has defined those means as radical equality, fairness, social justice, not the constitutional law.

That’s a terrifying, if seemingly accurate, view of what’s going on, one that explains why the left continues getting away with perfidy while armed and ready FBI agents crack down on anyone who gets in the way of the regime, from Roger Stone to Mike Flynn, the Tea Party to the Proud Boys.

Still that wasn’t all. Hanson went on to describe how bizarre things are, comparing the rabid violence of the left in the wake of George Floyd’s death, pointing out that in May of 2020 protesters were just as violent, if not more so, than those that stormed the Capitol in January of 2021, saying:

A mob from Lafayette Square tries to torch down a historic church, tries to swarm on federal property, the White House grounds, sends a president into a bunker with his family, and there’s very little consequence, as compared to January 6th.

“And so I think the law is very fluid. Merrick Garland is much to blame, so is Joe Biden, but it’s part of the left ideology that’s in ascendance right now and it’s very scary because I think most Americans realize, if you are of a particular political persuasion and you break the law or you’re accused of breaking the law, you’re going to be treated very differently than others.”

Terrifying. The law is now, if Hanson is correct, pointed squarely at the right while the left does as it pleases.

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