WH Press Sec Reveals What Obama Did Before Sending Iran Pallets Of Cash

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham did not mince her words this week on President Donald Trump approving a decisive airstrike last Thursday that killed Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani.

During an interview Tuesday on Fox News' "America's Newsroom," Grisham said that Soleimani — who has killed or orchestrated attacks that killed thousands of Americans — was planning imminent attacks on American servicemen and assets in the region.


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Grisham also noted Former President Barack Obama designated Soleimani as a terrorist, but did nothing but prop up Iran for eight years while they violated the bogus Iran Nuclear Deal, worked with terrorists groups in the region, and continuously tried to toy with America.

Grisham said the Obama administration is to blame for the problem with Iran.

She also said the "targeted strike" in Baghdad that killed Soleimani last week saved "countless" lives.

Grisham said that while the United States is not aware of the expected response from Iranians, the country is "definitely ready for it."

"If they choose to retaliate, the president has made clear that we will be ready for that," she said. "Our military is, of course, on high alert and we'll just see what happens."

"We hope it doesn't happen," she added. "The president has said he does not seek any kind of an escalation or war."

Echoing the words of the president, Grisham said the decision to take out Soleimani was "intel-based."

She told Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith that she knew people were asking about the benefit of the decision.

"And, I will answer that question: the benefit was we saved American lives," she stated. "We saved members of the military. We saved diplomats, we saved a lot of families from having to welcome their loved ones home in a coffin."

"The country should feel good that this president is not going to let anything happen to anybody," Grisham assured.

"The alternative was to – what – not save these people? And then what would people be saying to us?" she asked. "What would Congress be saying? What would Nancy Pelosi be saying? That we sat by and let something happen to our American troops or American diplomats."

"Again, we saved lives here, and that was the number one most important thing to this president," said Grisham.

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Obama and his team sent Iran pallets of cash, caved on the atrocious Iran Nuclear Deal, and agreed to many of their other reckless demands for years.

But Trump has made it clear that there's now a real "red line" in Iran, and if they do anything to harm Americans or put them in danger -- action will be taken.