“What A Burden It Is To Be Right So Often”; These Hilarious Rush Limbaugh Clips Will Make You Miss Him Even More

Earlier today, radio legend Rush Limbaugh passed away at the age of 70 after a hard fought battle with cancer. For decades, Limbaugh engaged his audience with humor, knowledge and a love for our great country.

From 1992-1996, Rush even had his own TV show where he often cracked hilarious jokes that made the audience howl. (Think of it as a much much better and funnier version of “The Daily Show”)

On Twitter, “The Columbia Bugle” posted some hilarious flashback clips from El Rushbo’s show, and they are sure to make you laugh (and maybe cry).

Do you realize how frustrating it is for me to have been so right, for so long, about everything that’s happened,” Rush says in the opening clip.

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“I know that I am so good at this that I make it look easy. Many of you sitting at home think that you can do this too…you can’t,” he says in another as the audience roars with laughter.

What a burden it is to be right so often but I’ll gladly carry it,” Rush hilariously says in the compilation.

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Watch below:

The Columbia Bugle also shared Rush’s hilarious “ribbons” bit:

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