Where’s BLM? Crime Wave Sweeping U.S. Cities Taking Lives of BLACK Children

For months now, we’ve heard from Black Lives Matter leaders and supporters how much black lives matter, but it’s become very clear that the organizers of said movement and their supporters don’t mean that black lives matter universally.

Because if they did, BLM organizers, supporters, and the political grifters in the Democrat Party (and Mitt Romney) would be turning out in droves to protest the genocide that is taking place against black lives.

As Daniel Horowitz notes at Conservative Review, the burgeoning violent crime wave sweeping the nation is hitting black lives particularly hard, and yet we don’t see Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, BLM founders, MSNBC and CNN spending any time pointing that out and demanding that things change.

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That is especially true for black children.

He writes: 

Sadly, fireworks were not the only munitions shot over the July 4 weekend. Statues weren’t the only things felled by anarchists and criminals roaming free in the streets. This weekend was a bloody one across the country, with endless shootings in America’s cities, including New York City, which was considered the safest American city for a generation. Once again, African-American victims, including a number of young children, paid the price while the anarchy was excused and even legitimized by the media and politicians.

Horowitz listed nearly a dozen cases of random violence that claimed the lives of black children ranging in age from around 2 years old to 11 years old – from just the past couple of weeks.

And why? Because many of our largest cities – all of them Democrat strongholds – have spun completely out of control. Not only are riots and demonstrations ongoing, but the fact that police nearly all of our large cities have been neutered by Left-wing Marxist ‘criminal justice reform’ that punishes officers but not criminals and thugs is only adding to the carnage. And the black child body count.

“While we still don’t have information on most of the suspects, it’s quite obvious that between the jailbreak agenda in the justice system and the criminalization of the police, there is simply no deterrent against violent crime,” Horowitz writes. 

How bad has it gotten? 

Under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s [lack of] leadership, shootings in New York City skyrocketed 205 percent just last month, making June the bloodiest month in the city since 1996, well before the miracle of Rudy Giuliani, whose no-nonsense policing policies destroyed crime. 

In Milwaukee, homicides have rocketed upward 132 percent, with 86 this year compared to 37 last year at his point. The city is now on pace to record the most homicides since 1991.

And in the shooting galleries of Chicago, where gun-related homicides are literally an epidemic, 77 percent of victims are black, though they only comprise about 33 percent of the city’s population.

“I have been fighting a lonely battle since 2014 warning that we were reversing the generation-long trend of reduced crime through jailbreak policies. Yet rather than Republicans pushing this narrative, they joined the Soros bandwagon, suggesting we have an over-incarceration problem and that somehow the system is too tough,” Horowitz writes.

Now, the law enforcement gains of the 1990s and early 2000s appear to have all been lost. And who’s suffering the most? 

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Blacks, once again. And in particular, black children.

But who doesn’t seem to notice or care? BLM.

How disgustingly hypocritical is that?