White House Legal Memo Reveals Truth Behind Withheld Ukraine Aid

Democrats are hellbent on ramming through their obscene impeachment just in time for Christmas but their case continues to be undermined by the truth.

Soon after the Mueller report landed with a thud, Dems and their allies realized that they had to move quickly to manufacture another bogus case against President Trump and settled on Ukraine.


They claimed that Trump strong-armed the newly elected Ukrainian president into investigating Joe and Hunter Biden and their shady dealings in the country in exchange for military aid.

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Nancy Pelosi's hit squad labeled it as a quid pro quo but then after their focus groups determined that few understood what that meant, switched to bribery.

But the withholding of aid was something entirely different: routine.

According to a newly released memo from the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that further exposes the Dems' impeachment as a sham.

Via The National Review, "White House Budget Office Defends Holdup of Ukraine Aid as ‘Pending a Policy Decision’ in Memo":

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has drafted a memo casting the delay in the provision of military aid to Ukraine as a routine exercise intended to assure that the funds would be properly spent. This account pushes back on Democrats’ assertion that the aid was delayed for political reasons.

The memo, reviewed by The Washington Post, cited numerous examples of Congress holding up aid to ensure its proper allocation and questioned why lawmakers were not motivated to do the same in this particular instance.

OMB general counsel Mark Paoletta wrote the memo to respond to a U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) request, which sought an explanation as to why the aid had been delayed. Paoletta does not deny the aid was delayed by the administration, and states that the hold was placed “pending a policy decision” from the administration.

But the memo stresses that the Defense Department indicated to its staff that it didn’t intend to release most of the security funds to Ukraine until September, when it was released, and that “at no point during the pause” did DoD attorneys tell OMB that the Ukrainian funding would not be spent by the end of the fiscal year.


In their enduring fury over the lost 2016 election, Democrats and their media shills have rejected the idea that the duly-elected president has the power to set foreign policy and not bureaucrats and overpaid think tank blabbermouths.

When it comes to Ukraine, a former Soviet bloc country with a history of corruption and one which Democrats have become akin to an organized crime mob since the 2014 coup, it is within President Trump's right to place conditions on giveaways of taxpayer dollars.

That combined with the OMB memo that the holdup in aid was due to a routine policy matter and not political bribery blows yet another smoking hole in the Democrats' already flimsy impeachment case.

But as anyone who has been paying attention has seen, the biggest lies are the lies of omission and don't expect to see this exculpatory evidence on CNN which isn't about to let anything interfere with the partisan lynching.