White House Says It’ll Veto Bill Blocking Vaccine Mandates

The Senate might have finally gotten its act together and voted for a bill that would ban Biden’s jab mandate, with two Democrats (Manchin and Tester) joining the GOP to pass it, but the White House isn’t planning on going along with the bill.

According to Jen Psaki, the Whtie House Press Secretary, the White House will veto that bill rather than accept the will of the people. Watch her here:

However, it’s unlikely that the bill will ever get far enough for President Brandon to have to slap it with a veto.

That’s because, though the bill was passed by the Senate, it must now go to the House of Representatives, which is firmly in the grasp of the Democrats, unlike the Senate.

Thus, Nancy Pelosi will almost certainly be able to wrangle her party members into voting against the bill. But, even if it did somehow make it through the House, Biden would ban it. As Psaki says in the video:

We’re hopeful that this doesn’t come to the president’s desk. If it comes to his desk, he will veto it.

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So, the White House hopes it won’t have to deal with the bill, as vetoing it would likely make President Brandon even more unpopular, but it appears that it will do so if necessary.

In any case, the bill, which would prevent Biden’s vaccine mandate for every business with more than 100 employees, might not even be necessary, as courts around the country are striking down the various Biden vaccine mandates and, thanks to the independence of the courts, Biden has no control over their decisions.

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