Whitmer removes Funding From State’s Budget In Line With Evil Left’s Agenda

DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 8: Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan Democratic gubernatorial nominee, speaks with a reporter after a Democrat Unity Rally at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel August 8, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. Whitmer will face off against Republican gubernatorial nominee Bill Schuette in November. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

In another blow to pregnant women who need services in the state of Michigan, Governor Whitmer struck the funding for pregnancy centers from the state’s budget this week.

Republicans in the state of Michigan reacted strongly to Whitmer’s line vetoes which directly target pro-life initiatives. They are saying that by Whitmer striking these services from the budget, she is callously limiting women’s real-life choices rather than expanding them.

Whitmer’s vetoes “support only one option for women in a crisis pregnancy — the deadly choice of abortion,” said State Rep. Thomas Albert, chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

“It is shocking that the governor, and her far-left political base, are now so extreme that helping pregnant women who might consider adoption instead is now a bridge too far,” Albert said. 

Whitmer’s budget slashing would remove $20 million in funds that would normally be allocated to adoption agencies and pregnancy centers. Whitmer is claiming that these are “anti-choice” programs and that if the state were to increase or maintain funding for these programs, it would encourage adoption and carrying a child to full term. What an awful thought. 

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Of course, governors who think like Whitmer believe it is an excellent choice to strip away every other option except killing one’s unborn child. 

“While politicians in other states rush to ban abortion, even in instances of rape or incest, Michigan must remain a place where a woman’s ability to make her own medical decisions with her trusted health care provider is respected,” Whitmer said. 

The veto restricts funding for regular pregnancy facilities and reduces the education budget that would allow pro-life pregnancy centers on college campuses. So, whether you want to keep your baby or not in Michigan, Whitmer doesn’t want pregnant women in crisis situations to have access to these resources, nor to have any other choice but to have an abortion. How very evil. 

We have the largest budget in history, and we want to throw a bone to adoptive parents, and she’s vetoing that? Wow, she’s for women, alright,” said Genevieve Marnon, the legislative director of the state’s Right to Life organization. 

“It’s inexplicable that the governor would refuse to support pregnant community college students who choose to become parents,” state Rep. Thomas Albert said. 


Whitmer is an avid supporter of Roe v. Wade and supports a woman’s right to abortion on demand. She said she is “pulling out all the stops” to preserve abortion rights within Michigan state law, which helps explain her hostility and vehement opposition to programs designed to offer women choices to abortion. Or does it?

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade in June, Whitmer immediately filed a motion that urged the Michigan Supreme Court to consider her lawsuit and requested that the court decide if Michigan’s state constitution protects the right to abortion.

“Today, I filed a motion urging the court to immediately take up my lawsuit to protect abortion in Michigan,” Whitmer said on June 24. “We need to clarify that under Michigan law, access to abortion is not only legal, but constitutionally protected. The urgency of the moment is clear—the Michigan court must act now.” Someone needs to remind her that the constitution never guaranteed a woman’s right to abortion, but just like most progressive politicians, they interpret the law to suit their own agenda. 

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