WHOA: Bill Maher Silences Leftist Director Silly Rants, And He Wasn’t Nice About It

Bill Maher telling film director Michael Moore to zip his mouth was one of the major highlights of the weekend.

Maher started the Friday night show by introducing the director to the audience, noting that this year would be the 20th year since the release of his popular award-winning documentary “Bowling for Columbine.”

As Maher continued with a joke about Moore’s obvious weight, the director should have suspected that the night would not end well for him, and it did not. The comedian joked that the director was not living up to his name as he looked like a “Michael Less.”

Maher began to talk about politics as he mentioned the approaching midterms. Maher showed enthusiasm about the coming elections as he said there was a different feeling to this midterm. He said that citizens are usually reluctant to vote as they were not presented with many good options, unlike in this election.

The director responded by urging the audience to go out and vote for their preferred candidates as their votes matter. He continued by saying he was feeling very optimistic about the upcoming midterms.

Moore recalled being on Mayer’s show several years ago and predicting that Trump was going to win the elections, adding that no one believed him till Trump emerged as the winner, giving himself credit for his prediction skills. However, the director said he is predicting the opposite this time as he believes the democrats will be victorious in the coming elections.

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He said,I think that that there is going to be such a landslide against the traitors, especially the 147 Republicans who just hours after the insurrection voted to not certify the elected President of the United States, Joe Biden.”

Moore continued, “And I think that there is going to be so many people coming out to vote. I want to thank the Supreme Court for reminding women that they are, in fact, second-class citizens and taking their rights away like this. I think there’s a real revolution, a nonviolent revolution going on in favor of democracy. People don’t want to lose it.”

Michael Moore: I Have Never Felt This Optimistic | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

The director continued blabbing away as though he was invited to campaign for democrats as he continued his speech, blinded with support for the democrats. In an attempt to pivot, Maher chipped in, telling Moore that it was time to meet the panel, but Moore could not correctly read the room, and he continued in his anti-republican speech.

The comedian had no choice but to remind the director that he was not on a left extremist show and had a conservative audience watching him speak, but Moore was clearly relentless.

Tired of the garrulous director’s anti-republican rant, Maher intercepted as he clarified that it was time to move on from the topic. “Yeah, I know, I know. Shut the fuck up! Shut up right now and answer one other question. Okay?”

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