WHOA: Lara Trump Says Americans Living Along Chaotic Border May Have To ‘Take Matters Into Their Hands’

Some of the most regularly abused Americans are those who live along our country’s southwestern border.

For decades they have been subjected to having their property regularly damaged and trespassed against, while they themselves have often faced threats and violence from people who crossed illegally into our country.

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They got a respite from the constant abuse during Donald Trump’s administration. Through a series of agreements, policies, emergency declarations, border wall construction and agreements with foreign countries, he managed to nearly staunch the flow of humanity and drugs trafficked illegally into the country.

But along came Joe Biden, who wasted no time overturning Trump’s policies and halting border wall construction, and in doing so, subjecting Americans living along the border to the same nightmarish conditions they previously endured.

Worse, the current regime is utterly uninterested in doing anything to stem the tide of illegal migrants and drugs after flinging the border wide open again. So — what are those Americans to do?

Another Trump has a solution: ‘Rely on yourselves.’

Newsmax reports:

Lara Trump suggests it may be time to tell Americans living on the southern border to “arm up and get guns and be ready” amid the surge of illegal border crossings into the United States.

During an interview with Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night…former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law who is married to Eric Trump, lamented President Joe Biden’s “disgraceful” plans for border security.

“I don’t know what you tell the people who live at the southern border,” she said. “I guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready, and maybe they’re going to have to start taking matters into their hands.

That’s powerful stuff. But the former president’s daughter-in-law wasn’t finished.

“It should never happen. These people should never make this dangerous journey here. It’s bad for Americans. It’s bad for the migrants. It is bad all around,” she continued, lamenting the Mexican cartel activity that has only increased under Biden, as recently recounted by FBI Director Christopher Wray during congressional testimony as “horrifying stuff.”

“It must be so insulting to the folks that actually work on the southern border, to our Border Patrol agents, to our ICE agents, to the people whose jobs it has been for so long to deal with this,” she added. “It’s like they’re being made a mockery of by our very own president and vice president. Shame on them. It is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful to see.”

Shame on them, yes. Lots of shame. But shame isn’t working — and it’s not going to work, because the regime has flung open the border in a blatant attempt to replace American voters with those from the third world, so grateful will they be to the Blue Party they’ll vote them into power forever.

So that means that Texas and Arizona, at least — the two reddish states along the border — will literally have to take matters into their own hands.

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One of them is. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced a series of measures aimed at stemming the flow of migrants and dangerous drugs, including building his own border walls and actually arresting illegal aliens on state violations.

Beyond that, yes, it seems as though Lara Trump is right: Border residents are on their own.