WHOA: New Docs Reveal FBI Knew Carter Page Wasn’t a Russian Asset Before First Spy Warrant

Nearly five years after the FBI, at former President Obama’s direction we have to believe, began its spy operation against then-GOP candidate Donald Trump’s rising campaign, we’re still learning just how corrupt, wrong, and illegal it was — and how galling it is that next to nothing happened to those who were responsible.

Documents ordered declassified by former President Trump on his way out of the Oval Office indicate that one of the most victimized people in all of “Spygate” — Carter Page — not only wasn’t a ‘Russian asset,’ but the corrupt FBI knew it before the bureau even obtained the first of four FISA court warrants to spy on him.

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Just the News has more:

Four days before the FBI secured a surveillance warrant against him in fall 2016, Trump campaign adviser Carter Page repeatedly knocked down the key allegations at the heart of the Russia collusion investigation while talking to a government informant who was wearing a wire.

Page’s unwitting statements of innocence to informer Stefan Halper were never shared with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court before it approved four warrants authorizing a full year of surveillance of Page’s communications.

Page’s exculpatory statements were kept from the American people for four years until President Trump declassified them on his final day in office last week.

“The core lie is that I met with these sanctioned Russian officials, several of which I never even met in my entire life, but they said that I met them in July,” Page says according to an FBI transcript as he told Halper during an Oct. 17, 2016 interaction at Halper’s farm in Northern Virginia.

This was, obviously, also before Page knew Halper was a rat fink asset for the U.S. intelligence service; that Obama would allow this against a fellow American citizen (and U.S. military vet) says everything about his atrocious sedition.

“It is truly extraordinary that over four years since the worldwide release of the deadly dodgy dossier smear document in early January 2017 we still continued to learn more about the full extent of this historic disinformation campaign,” Page told Just the News. “Yet nonetheless, this latest declassification stands among the most shocking revelations yet.”

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Shocking, yes. But what’s even more so is the fact that this was set up and allowed to occur in the first place — the targeting of a rival presidential campaign by a power-mad, power-hungry political party not called “Republicans.”

And our ‘mainstream media’ went along with it the entire time, always finding new and unique ways of denying the obvious or justifying it with some twisted logic.

“If I’m a supervisor on a counterintelligence squad, which I once was, I’d say close this sucker down, we are wasting time,” Kevin Brock, the retired FBI assistant director for intelligence who helped fashion the current rules governing the bureau’s use of confidential human sources, told the outlet.

“It’s not just the absence of probable cause for a FISA, it’s also that the conversation indicates the target does not have guilty knowledge in all the paths that the confidential source was trying to lead him down.”

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