WITCH HUNT: ‘Whistleblowers’ Lawyer Seeking Informants To Bring Down Trump

The activist attorney representing the first so-called "whistleblower" at the center of the impeachment movement targeting President Donald Trump now says he is representing a second whistleblower.

Mark Zaid, who has ties to several left-wing activist groups, confirmed to ABC News over the weekend that he is representing two whistleblowers who spoke to the Intelligence Community’s inspector general about Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky back in July. 


The media has failed to inform people that soon after Trump took office in 2017, Zaid co-founded Whistleblower Aid, a small nonprofit that has continued to run advertisements actively seeking whistleblowers during the Trump administration.

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In other words, Zaid has been trying to recruit informants inside the Trump administration for almost three years to leak highly sensitive information about the president.

Whistleblower Aid is heavily tied to far-left activist organizations and Democratic politics.

ABC News reported:

Zaid tells ABC News’ Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos that the second person — also described as an intelligence official — has first-hand knowledge of some of the allegations outlined in the original complaint and has been interviewed by the head of the intelligence community’s internal watchdog office, Michael Atkinson. 
Zaid says both officials have full protection of the law intended to protect whistleblowers from being fired in retaliation. While this second official has spoken with the IG — the internal watchdog office created to handle complaints — this person has not communicated yet with the congressional committees conducting the investigation. 
The New York Times on Friday cited anonymous sources in reporting that a second intelligence official was weighing whether to file his own formal complaint and testify to Congress. Zaid says he does not know if the second whistleblower he represents is the person identified in the Times report. 

Zaid took to Twitter on Sunday to confirm he's representing the second whistleblower, claiming that this one “has firsthand knowledge.”

Democrats and the media have been going ballistic over a call Trump had with Zelensky back in July.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced two weeks ago that House Democrats will officially open an impeachment inquiry over the call.

A whistleblower -- who did not even hear what was said -- filed a complaint against Trump over the phone call, alleging that the president carried out some nefarious actions.

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Trump says the call was about corruption, so he asked Zelensky to take a look into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, over their shady business deals in Ukraine. 

Perhaps Democrats are so desperate to push impeachment because they know they have virtually no shot of defeating Trump in the 2020 election, so they want to bring him down now.


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