‘Woke’ Disney Slammed During Tucker Segment Over Forcing White Staffers to Endure Race Training

Fox News host Tucker Carlson and a guest railed at the Walt Disney Co. during a segment of his Friday evening program for going full-on “woke” and in doing so alienating massive portions of the country while dumping on the American traditionalism it was once known for.

The Daily Mail noted:

Newly revealed Disney’s training documents show the company asked their white staff to ‘decolonize their bookshelves,’ participate in reparations and complete a ‘privilege checklist’ as part of their anti-racism training.

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The media conglomerate has been slammed as becoming the ‘Wokest Place on Earth’ after the training module showed them adopting ‘critical race theory’ as part of their employee training.

Investigative journalist Chris Rufo, who has uncovered similar anti-white curriculum in U.S. government agencies and other American corporations, said like theirs, Disney’s materials are also rife with “division and self-hatred.”

“Is there an indication of which lives matter and which lives don’t matter, according to the Walt Disney company?” Carlson asked Rufo about the materials titled “Reimage Tomorrow.”

“Yeah, there is. What Disney is saying is we should reject the idea of equality, that people should be treated equally, regardless of their skin color, and they say they need to pursue a policy of equity where people achieve equal outcomes, and this is the tip of the iceberg,” Rufo told Carlson.

“Disney created and sponsored a 21-day racial equity challenge and told employees to complete a white privilege checklist, and even passed around a worksheet saying that white employees should defund the police, participate in reparations, and even decolonize their bookshelves, whatever that means,” he added.

“The great irony of this is the people in charge of Disney are some of the richest and most powerful and privileged white males in the history of humanity, and they are pushing this divisive, critical race theory-based ideology as corporate dogma,” Rufo continued.

“The only end of this is division, self-hatred, and I think it should be very clear that Disney makes its money on Middle Americans who go to their theme parks and buy their content, and those people should know that this corporation, it hates you, it hates your culture, and it hates the color of your skin. I think Americans should reject this kind of politics and reject the companies that are pushing it.”

He went on to say that the materials presented to white staffers calls on them to, among other things, “decolonize their bookshelves” — whatever that means — and to “participate in reparations,” meaning they should cough up their hard-earned money and hand it over to black people they’ve never met and certainly have never wronged.

At the same time, Rufo said, the materials call on whites to support defunding police initiatives even though sane black leaders know that that poor, black communities and other communities of color suffer most when there are fewer police officers.

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He also noted that the materials instruct white staffers to “challenge color-blind ideologies and rhetoric, such as the phrase ‘All Lives Matter.'”

Rufo went on to say that according to employees who brought the materials to his attention, Disney may have been “perhaps noble in intent,” but the curriculum “has become deeply politicized and engulfed parts of the company in racial conflict.”