‘Worst Is Yet To Come’: Graham Reveals How Biden’s Border Crisis Is About To Get Worse

South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham is warning that Joe Biden’s border crisis is about to get much worse in the coming months.

During an interview on Fox News, Graham was asked about the surge of immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border and Biden’s decision to remove all American troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021.

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Graham said, “It’s not a crisis, it’s chaos. I was down there just a few weeks ago. We had 172,000 people come into the country illegally in March alone. We’re on track to do 2 million.”

“The border patrol told the Biden administration during the transition, ‘If you reverse Trump policies, there will be a run on the border’. They were right,” Graham said.

“I’ve never been more worried than I am now about the world at large. You got the Russians threatening to go into Ukraine. You got the Chinese threatening Taiwan, the borders completely out of control, we’re gonna withdraw completely from Afghanistan and make sure the Taliban takes care of Al Qaeda and ISIS. That’s insane,” he expressed.

“Joe Biden has created a lot of instability and in a very short period of time, and if he doesn’t change his policies on the border, the worst is yet to come,” Graham predicted. “If he doesn’t get tougher with the Iranians, they’re gonna have a bomb before you know it.”

“I’m really worried about the world under the Biden administration. They’re clueless in my view, in terms of the threats we face at the border and abroad,” he declared.

Asked why he is against removing troops in Afghanistan, Graham replied, “They’re an insurance policy against another 9/11. The last time we ignored Afghanistan, we had 3,000 Americans killed. Afghanistan was a safe haven for Al Qaeda. They planned the attacks against our country there,” the South Carolina senator said.

“Have we learned nothing from Iraq? When we withdraw from these places and don’t have an insurance policy, residual force to watch the bad guys, they come back here. If you don’t have your foot on their throat over there, they’re coming back here. If you don’t fight in their backyard, they’re gonna come to our backyard,” he continued.

“This is the 20th anniversary of 9/11. If we had 3 or 4,000 thousand folks on the ground over there, Al Qaeda and ISIS could never regenerate to attack the United States. I think what he’s done, Biden is left us naked. We’re now depending on one group of terrorists to police another group of terrorists,” Senator Graham explained.


“I’m very worried that we’re gonna pay a heavy price for leaving Afghanistan like we did in Iraq and it’s gonna be worse. They’re gonna come roaring back, and we’re gonna have to go back in, and we’re putting our homeland at risk. If you don’t believe me, believe the military,” Senator Graham urged.

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“He was advised not to do this in Iraq; he did it. He was advised not to do it in Afghanistan and he did it anyway. He was told by the Border Patrol, ‘Don’t change Trump policies, you’ll lose control over the border’. He constantly turns down sound advice to the detriment of our country, and I’m very worried about the state of the world under Joe Biden,” he added.