WOW! Biden Goes Maskless At Lincoln Memorial Just Hours After Signing Mask Mandate For Federal Property

Well that didn’t take long!

Within hours of signing an executive order which mandated masks on federal property, Joe Biden went to the Lincoln memorial with his family…without a mask on.

The self-righteous President even lectured Americans about it in an Inauguration Day tweet:

The liberal media was so proud of their President for this “brave” executive order, but it turns out Biden is just as big of a hypocrite as we always knew.

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Look below as Biden visits the Lincoln memorial WITHOUT A MASK ON:

Biden’s new press secretary even made it a point to heavily feature this order in her very first press conference:

Maybe Biden should have read the document before signing it?

As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for Twitter to pounce on his hypocrisy:

In fact, Biden’s ENTIRE FAMILY went maskless:

Sadly, the liberal media is covering for Joe, as always.

They are already refusing to call out this blatant hypocrisy. That’s why it’s up to us to spread the word, because you know damn sure that the media won’t do their job.

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