WOW: Fauci Falsely Claims That Illegal Immigrants Aren’t Contributing To Covid Spread

On Sunday, far-left “Doctor” Anthony Fauci falsely claimed that illegal immigrants were not causing Covid outbreaks in the United States even though high numbers of illegals are testing positive for Covid.

“The problem is within our own country,” Fauci told fake news Jake Tapper. “Certainly immigrants can get infected but they’re not the driving force of this,” he added.

Fauci continued to dodge the next question, which revolved around an Government order that would allow immigration officials to expel migrants more quickly because of the pandemic.

Fauci claimed he “wasn’t familiar with the intricacies of that rule.” He added that “focusing on immigrants, expelling them, is not the solution to an outbreak.”

Just so you heard that correctly, Dr. Fauci thinks it’s 100% okay to keep Covid-positive migrants in the United States.

Watch below:

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Here’s more from the Daily Caller on the rate of Covid-positive migrants coming across the southern border:

“In March, more than 170,000 migrants crossed the border -many coming from countries with high infection rates – but according to The New York Times, Border Patrol wasn’t conducting tests for coronavirus except in cases where migrants showed obvious symptoms.

The Texas border city of McAllen stated that more than 7,000 COVID-positive migrants had been released into their community.”

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