WOW: Hannity Guests WRECK FBI, Expose Why Attempt to Intimidate Trump Will Fail

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel program, both former Trump aide Stephen Miller and former Trump aide Roger Stone, himself a victim of DOJ persecution and a biased, two-tier “justice” system, tore into the recent FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and exposed why the attempt to intimidate him would fail.

Stephen Miller, for his part, blasted the two-tier “justice” system in America, exposing how Democrats like the Biden Crime Family get away with doing whatever they want (just look at Hunter’s laptop and those payments to the “Big Guy”) while Republicans are constantly attacked for crimes they didn’t commit, as has happened to Trump and his close allies.

Speaking on that, Miller, not sparing the FBI a single bit during his vitriolic takedown of that corrupt gang of Stasi agents, said:

We don’t have equal justice, nothing close to it. The laptops for the concession on video recorded in human history. I don’t think there is a library long enough to contain a list of crimes contained on the laptop and more importantly, the new story points out, it leads directly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and Joe Biden.

Imagine if Biden and his life got the treatment that Donald Trump has gotten for the last six years. How many crimes would be uncovered and how much of the Hunter cash went under the table to Joe Biden or was improperly declared? Was it only reported to the IRS and all above board? Joe Biden couldn’t survive one hour of the scrutiny that is spent on Donald Trump every single minute since the day he came down the escalator.

Roger Stone was equally merciless when tearing into the FBI and ripping it apart for how it treats Republicans, exposing how it had mistreated him in the past by leaking his indictment, saying:

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It’s very important to recognize I was arrested and 6, 6:06. 6:11, Sarah Murray at CNN texted a copy of my indictment…The indictment was sealed until 9:30 that morning.

“Just the leak of the indictment was a felony and when you look at the metadata tags to figure out who rode it because I had no court markings or time-stamps on it, and had the initials of Andrew Weissmann.

He then blasted the FBI’s Stasi-like intimidation tactics as something that would fail to intimidate former President Donald Trump, saying:

If this was meant to intimidate Donald Trump, they don’t understand Donald Trump. I worked for President Richard Nixon and senator Bob Dole. Two of the toughest guys you can imagine. Donald Trump is tougher than both of them and that’s why he was a great president and also why he will be a president again.

The Deep State hacks think that they can stop Trump…lol. He might be under attack and embattled by Deep State apparatchiks, but he’s a fighter that won’t stay down no matter how much they try to beat him down.

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