WOW: Highly Anticipated Poll From Wisconsin Released

Elections come down to turn out. One of the most important measurements pollsters look at is “enthusiasm” that voters have for their candidate.

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The more excited they are for a candidate, the more inclined they are to go to the polls and vote for them.

As of right now, President Donald Trump is winning that battle of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in one crucial 2020 battleground state.

According to the Trafalgar Group polls, Trump leads Joe Biden 46 to 45 in Wisconsin.

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The Trafalgar Group was named “the most accurate pollsters” of the 2018 cycle.

With that in mind, a brand new poll shows that Trump supporters are far more fired up about voting for the president than those who support Joe Biden.

According to a poll from Rasmussen Reports, Trump’s approval is back to 51 percent and supporters are 70 percent more enthusiastic than Biden’s.

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Trump, scratching back to just 4-6 points behind challenger Joe Biden, is being bolstered by new polls showing a surge in his approval rating and a widening “enthusiasm gap” favoring him over his Democratic foe.

Just out is the daily Rasmussen Reports presidential approval rating for Trump at 51%.

Notably, said Rasmussen, at this stage of his presidency, former President Barack Obama had a 44% approval rating.

Add to that new polling from Economist/YouGov that shows the president’s supporters far more enthusiastic about him, and voting for him, than those of Biden’s.

When asked, “How do you feel about the presidential candidates listed below?” 40% of Biden’s supporters said “enthusiastic” compared to 68% of Trump’s supporters.

And when asked, “How enthusiastic are you about voting for president in the upcoming presidential election in November?” 53% of Biden’s supporters said “extremely or very enthusiastic” compared to 76% of Trump supporters.

What’s more, Trump supporters are more enthusiastic than Biden’s to vote this year compared to past years, with 55% for Trump and 53% for Biden. The survey, however, noted that the “enthusiasm gap” wrongly predicted that Mitt Romney would edge Obama in 2012.

Late last month, President Trump’s Media Director released polling numbers in the swing states on Wednesday night, which show the president has sizable leads over Biden.

Dan Scavino tweeted results from recent polling at the American Principals Project.

Scavino’s tweet is no longer available on Twitter, but here is what he wrote:


Georgia: Trump 49, Biden 46
Kentucky: Trump 60, Biden 34
Michigan: Trump 50, Biden 45
Montana: Trump 52, Biden 42
North Carolina: Trump 49, Biden 46
Pennsylvania: Trump 48, Biden 47
Texas: Trump 49, Biden 45

This new poll comes after President Trump held his first-ever virtual fundraiser and raised a whopping $20 million from the more than 300,000 individual donors who participated.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the national chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, said the campaign had raised a truckload of money from many Americans who want to see Trump in office for four more years.

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“This is a great day for the president and for the country showing the robust enthusiasm for President Donald Trump,” Guilfoyle said.

“They want four more years,” she continued. “We had over 300,000 people log on for our event tonight to donate to the president. We raised over $20 million in the first-ever of its kind virtual Zoom event.”

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