WOW: Judge Judy Announces Her Pick For 2020; Will Join Him On Campaign Trail

In a new campaign ad, Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg featured Judith Sheindlin, more commonly known as TV’s  “Judge Judy.”

Bloomberg has had a hard time connecting with the middle class considering he is so disconnected from working America.


The Hill believes that Judge Judy's endorsement can be a game changer. Check out what they reported:

Celebrity endorsements are a well-worn part of politics, of course, but they typically deliver less than candidates hope for: A quick rush of headlines, maybe, but most voters don’t ultimately make choices based on their favorite television characters.

Sheindlin could be different. 

That has a lot to do with her brand of television and how her massive audience — nearly ten million people a day — views her.

The 30-second commercial, titled “Judge Him,” shows Sheindlin sitting in what looks like judicial chambers, advocating for Bloomberg’s “steady leadership” in “very challenging times.” The setting and the atmosphere capitalize on what the former New York family court judge has spent nearly 25 television seasons building: credibility.

Audience studies conducted during my years as a CBS executive working with the “Judge Judy” show consistently ranked her as tough, fair, honest and direct — attributes any politician would die for. Her standing in our wider popular culture runs high: According to a 2013 poll, more Americans trust Judge Judy than any of the Supreme Court justices. A 2016 survey revealed 10 percent of college graduates believe she actually already serves on the highest court in the land.

Judge Judy's endorsement is great however the polls show President Trump leading top Democrats in head to head matchups.

According to a recent Zogby Analytics poll released on Sunday, the President leads every single 2020 Democratic presidential candidate in head to head matchups for the 2020 election.

The poll was taken with 865 likely voters and showed President Trump beating all of the Democratic candidates including Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The poll showed President Trump beating Biden by a percentage of 46% to 45%. Some interesting data that the poll revealed was how Biden is barely beating President Trump with women and minority voters but Trump is edging out Biden with millennial voters.

Among the important swing voters the race continues to be a see saw: Trump is winning with Independents (Trump leads 41% to 40%), consumer blocs-NASCAR fans (Trump leads 59% to 34%), weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump leads 52% to 37%), weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump leads 51% to 45%) and the most vulnerable voters-lost a job (Trump leads 52% to 38%), afraid of losing a job (both at 46%), at a job that pays less (Trump leads 48% to 42%), gone without food for 24 hours (Trump leads 47% to 43%). Biden is also beating Trump with suburban women (Biden 47% to 40%), who will factor in big in the 2020 presidential election.

The President is also beating Senator Bernie Sanders by 2%. "The poll also shows the president edging out Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in a general election matchup, 47 percent to 45 percent," Breitbart reports. "However, Sanders enjoys more support from younger voters (18-34), 53 percent support to Trump’s 37 percent. Additionally, the poll found the socialist senator leading Trump among independent voters, 46 percent to Trump’s 39 percent. Notably, though, Trump leads Sanders among union voters, 48 percent to 42 percent."

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Senator Elizabeth's Warren's numbers were even worse considering President Trump is beating her 47% to 43%.

In a surprising twist, Warren appeals less than Biden and Sanders do to women voters (Warren only leads Trump 46% to 40%), while Trump receives better numbers with men (Trump leads 54% to 40%). Warren has the support of voters age 18-24 (Warren leads 71% to 20%) and age 18-29 (Warren leads 57% to 31%), while Trump leads with voters age 25+ (Trump leads 50% to 40%) and age 30+ (Trump leads 51% to 40%). Warren is doing well with minorities-Hispanics (Warren leads 54% to 33%) and African Americans (Warren leads 74% to 19%). They are virtually tied with voters with no college degrees (Warren leads 44% to 43%) and Trump leads with voters who have college degrees (Trump leads 51% to 42%).

Check out all the matchups below:

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