WOW: Trump’s Support Among Black, Non-White Likely Voters Should Make Dems Cringe

If minorities still believe that the Democrat Party is best suited to pursue policies that benefit them, all they have to do is look at what’s developing in presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden’s quest for a running mate.

After pledging most of the summer to pick a “woman of color,” Biden’s camp appears poised to select Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who technically is a ‘woman of color’ – just not the color the woke Leftists taking over the party want.

The eventual nod could actually go to a black or brown female – Biden is said to have decided who his VP selection is – but just given the fact that Whitmer was being interviewed so late in the process indicated that the minority women Biden has talked to already were not blowing his skirt up.

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That said, more and more minorities appear to be figuring out that their best political ally isn’t a Democrat at all – but he is a president.

That would be Donald Trump.

A new survey by Rasmussen Reports not only has Trump’s overall support among likely voters at a respectable level (47 percent), the president is getting a lot more love from black and Hispanic likely voters as well.

The polling firm noted in a tweet

JULY 2020 – FULL MONTH JOB APPROVAL SUMMARY National Likely Voter (LV) Job Approval of

@POTUS – 47% 

Men LV App – 49% 

Women LV App – 44% 

GOP LV App – 79% 

Dem LV App – 23% 

Ind LV App – 41% 

White LV App – 48% 

Black Total LV App – 36% ! 

Other Non-White Total LV App – 51% !

Without question, Democrats ought to be extremely nervous about those last two demographics. If the president goes on to win a substantial plurality of black voters and a small majority of all non-white voters, we’re talking landslide in terms of a victory.

That would be so big that even the Democrats’ plans to sow confusion and mistrust with the Nov. 3 election results via various mail-in balloting schemes and other ruses would be difficult if not impossible to pull off.

The fact is, pre-COVID-19, the Trump/GOP economy was steamrolling along. It was huge. Jobs were so plentiful there were more positions that workers. At roughly 3.4 percent unemployment, the country was literally at full employment.

Black unemployment was at a record low. So, too, was Hispanic unemployment. So were black female and Hispanic female unemployment levels, if you want to break down the demographics even more.

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And Trump has made every effort to help bolster the black and Hispanic communities with more money for their colleges, job initiatives, and criminal justice reform – all things that Obama never did.

By doing so, Trump has proven he’s not simply going to ignore those communities nor take them for granted. He’s going after their vote and that can only be beneficial for Republicans in general.

The president has a ways to go before November but these new polling numbers ought to have Democrats quaking in their shoes.