Yikes: 66% of Independents Now Disapprove of Brandon

The news just keeps getting worse for Slow Joe. Now, according to an NPR-Marist poll, it’s not just GOP voters that view Brandon in a deeply negative light. Independents do too.

In fact, according to the poll, an amazing 66% of Independent voters disapprove of Brandon, who now has a 41% approval rating and 55% disapproval rating. That’s down substantially in the past few months, as he was still viewed positively by half the nation as late as July of 2021.

Since then, however, his missteps have grown only more severe. There was the Afghanistan rout in August, the migrant crisis throughout the year, record-shattering inflation all fall, and, of course, he keeps appearing senile whenever he tries to speak.

Naturally, then, the result has been a continual downward pressure on his polling numbers, which have sunk like a stone among Republicans and Independents.

They’re so bad, in fact, that now only 29% of Independents at all approve of him, with a massive 66% of that voting block disapproving in some form.

Yet worse, while 16% of Independents only view him with “disapproval,” a massive 50% “strongly disapprove” of him. That’s compared to a minuscule 9% that “strongly approve” of him.

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Even among Democrats, only 42% “strongly approve” of him.

So, the more Biden does, the worse he does. Americans are waking up to the disaster that is his presidency and view him with a steadily increasing disdain.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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