Thinking about splurging on a high-end electric vehicle or EV truck? Well, then you might want to think again, as a guy named Roman Mica posted a video on YouTube about the new, EV Hummer truck that he’d just gotten.

Thing was, it wasn’t a glowing review, which is what you might expect (and hope) would be the case for such a pricey vehicle. Rather, things went disastrously badly.

In fact, after driving the vehicle about 250 miles over a few days, it died on him. In the middle of a busy highway. And refused to budge. And the various car features, from the trunk to the shifter, wouldn’t work. All the worked were the windshield wipers and, fortunately, the hazard lights.

Fortunately for Mica, a cop car showed up and helped him out, so no one slammed into him and totaled the car. But the Hummer was still dead in the middle of the road, so Mica’s problems didn’t end there.

Then a tow truck had to show up and deal with the Hummer, something that should have been routine but was made difficult because the Hummer is an EV. Why? It’s weight…the Hummer EV truck weighs a whopping 9,400 pounds thanks to the massive battery needed to power it.

Oh, and since it was broken down, it wouldn’t get into gear. So the Micas and tow truck had to deal with the massive behemoth of an immobile vehicle, eventually getting to the point where they could move it by doing a “hard reboot” of the truck.

Watch the EV truck disaster unfold here:

Fortunately, Mica was able to call attention to the incident because he’s the owner of an online publication, Fast Lane Truck, that writes about such things.

The publication ran a story on the disaster described above and how they were able to get the truck moved by doing a “hard reboot” of the truck and eventually got it out of park and then drive it to the GMC dealer, saying:

Ultimately, with Tommy’s help Roman was able to hard reboot the Hummer EV, by disconnecting the battery once they were actually able to get the front trunk open. Pro tip: If you need to manually open the GMC Hummer EV’s frunk, there’s a small cable pull embedded deep underneath the dashboard to do it. In our situation, the hard button under the grille to open the frunk did not work, nor did the interior electronic switch or the key fob.

After reconnecting the battery, there’s a restart procedure to disengage the shifter lock:

  • Press brake for 20 seconds;
  • Open then close driver window;
  • Then open and close passenger window;
  • Open then close left rear window;
  • Open then close right rear window;
  • Cycle passenger window (again);
  • Press brake for 20 seconds

Yes, you have to cycle through all those prompts to get the shifter to unlock. Fortunately, Tommy and Roman were able to drive the vehicle back to the dealer after getting the Hummer EV out of this dicey situation.

By: Gen Z Conservative