‘YOU NAZI BI**H!’; Lunatic On Train Goes Ballistic After Passengers Drink Coffee Without Masks; Ashley St. Clair Captures It All On Video

On her way to Washington DC for the January 6th Trump march, conservative commentator Ashley St. Clair had a wild encounter with a liberal lunatic, and you won’t be able to stop watching the events that unfold.

The unhinged liberal woman began losing her mind at the sight of two men simply drinking coffee on the train without masks on. It’s unclear how she expected them to drink the coffee while wearing masks, but I digress.

St. Clair caught that initial encounter on video, but this was just the beginning of the chaos that would later ensue:

As you can see, the men were just enjoying their cup of Joe as the unhinged woman began to unravel.

Then, she later got right up into St. Clairs face (not socially distant), and began to scream obscenities at her.

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“Oh Ashley!”, she began in a strange accent.

“Is that you? You fu**ing doxxing b**ch. You nazi bi*ch. You doxxed me,” she continued.

“I did not dox you,” St. Clair responded. (which was true, Ashley only posted a simple video of the woman, no names were revealed)

“Yes you did sweetheart,” continued the lunatic.

“No I didn’t, I posted a video of you, on a public train,” St. Clair responded.

Watch the entire back and forth here:

As you can see in the video, a man tries to help calm down the unhinged woman. She responds by falsely claiming that he was “getting ready to hit her”.

She clearly has some serious psychological problems.

Mike Cernovich summed it up perfectly on Twitter:

“Everyone needs to watch this. Especially the middle. “He’s about to punch me.” They will LIE. Falsely accuse you. Always be recording and always travel with a buddy,” he tweeted.

It turns out the lady we’ve been referring to as “Crazy Mask Lady” is actually a Huffington Post contributor…figures!

Here’s what Jack Posobiec tweeted:

She later had an unhinged meltdown on Twitter. Screenshot posted below in case she deletes it:

Stay tuned, because there will no doubt be some more hilarious video meltdowns from this woman in the coming hours.

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