“Your Time Is Up!” Far-Left Democrat Mayor Viciously Threatens the Unvaccinated

She is not only the first gay, black, and female mayor of Chicago, but she’s also pretty blatant when it comes to being ignorant and flat-out incompetent.

Time after time, Lori Lightfoot has proven herself to be unfit for the job – just like 11 out of 10 of her Democrat colleagues.

And yet, the people of Chicago keep voting people like Lightfoot into office. Why?

Is everybody a sadist, these days?

From The Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot followed in the footsteps of Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu (D) and Washington, D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) by announcing a slew of new COVID-19 rules specifically aimed at making life difficult for the unvaccinated. The new mandates impose vaccine requirements on bars, restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, and entertainment venues for any person in Chicago ages five and older.


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The mayor clarified that if you are picking up a coffee, you do not need to show your vaccine card. But, if you sit around and eat food without one, then you’re out of line with the new mandate.



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